Hoodzpah Design | Karissa Ford Photography Logo and Identity Package
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Karissa Ford Photography Logo and Identity Package

About This Project

Karissa Ford is an extremely unique creative mind. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she creates her own sets and art installments to enhance her photos. In an era where everyone is a photographer, Karissa has created her own whimsically, magic style that is simultaneously fanciful and dark. When she reached out to us to help her with her logo and branding, we were thrilled. Dark and whimsical is one of the things we do best. Our black magic/flash tattoo-inspired illustrations that we’d done for the Active skateboard design and LA Creative Studio were some of the items she had found on Pinterest that had lead her back to our website. She wanted something unique, hand drawn, industrial, turn-of-the-century-esque, and bewitching. She also gave us a few pieces of imagery that she might want included:  clouds, a hammer and nails to signify hard work, a hand to signify the hand-made element she brings to her work, and an old ship. It was so hard to decide on the final logo because both she and we loved almost every mockup we came up with. But after much deliberation we decided on the above logo and corresponding alternate logo and icon.

For the corresponding collateral we stuck with our industrial, hand-crafted, turn of the century design feel and drew on old shipping labels and stamps for inspiration. She needed something beautiful to send her clients their photo cds and flash drives that she could also personalize for each client easily with their own personal photo session info. So we decided on an old ledger feel. Printed fields that she could fill in by hand that gave each item a vintage look and a personal touch. This was incorporated on the cd sleeves and in a similar but different way on the business cards. We took the same tact for the thank you card, drawing on turn of the century illustrations to create a custom thank you card she could include with her packages: a ship with a waving banner that reads “may the wind be always at your back.” Finally, we ordered a custom stamp of her type based logo and some natural kraft paper boxes to safely package her session flash drives. All in all a wonderfully whimsical and cohesive logo and brand package.


Hand Lettering with clean-up in Adobe illustrator


Art + Illustration, Logos + Identity