Hoodzpah Design | Gents Ginger Ale Logo and Branding
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Gents Ginger Ale Logo and Branding

About This Project

Gents Ginger Ale founder, Tim Jones, brought Hoodzpah on board over a year ago to design the logo and set the branding for his new Kentucky made soda company. We created and refined a hand drawn logo to reflect the Southern do-it-yourself attitude upon which Gents Original was built. From there we designed a system of secondary pieces and textured illustrations that were applied to labels, growlers, trucks, pennants, tees and stickers to establish a cohesive and recognizable brand presence. The result of our efforts: a brand that lives comfortably between the deep rooted Bourbon culture of Lexington, KY and the growing craft cocktail scene; a brand that can stand apart whether at a farmer’s market booth or in the aisle of a grocery store.

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Art + Illustration, Logos + Identity