Hoodzpah Design | Asics Vine Body Sole Event Branding
Branding and logo system for Asics' Vine, Body, Sole Weekend event in Napa Valley, CA by Hoodzpah Design Co.
Vine Body Sole Event Branding
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Asics Vine Body Sole Event Branding

About This Project

Asics approached us to work with their in-house team to brand a new event for a different kind of audience: Vine, Body, Sole weekend, a race event to be thrown in Napa Valley, CA that was geared towards female millennials. This demographic was a bit of a departure from the normal demographic of Asics, so they wanted to have a more out-of-the-box approach to the aesthetic. We were excited to jump in and work with the Asics team on this because – well – we were the demographic they were targeting: 20-mid-30’s females with racing experience ranging from “just dabbling” to “experienced.”

The project needed logo mark variations that could be applied on everything from the event website, to posters, to t-shirts and totes. We designed custom lettering for the wordmark that drew inspiration from cuving vines and wine droplets but interpreted them in a geometric and current way. We wanted to be anything but typically Napa since this is not your average wine and exercise weekend.  The icon is a leaf divided into three quadrants which represent the 3 purposes of the event weekend: To get revived physically, mentally and socially. At the center of the leaf is the silhouette of a woman, because in the end the sole purpose of the weekend is to become centered within. The flat, geometric styling found in the wordmark and icon was weaved throughout the remaining collateral pieces from posters to web graphics.

In the end we created a cohesive brand that was functional for Asics’ team to build out and expand on while still being unique and engaging to millennial women.


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