Hoodzpah Design Co. | Hoodzpah Celebrates 2 Years in Business! Infographic
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Hoodzpah Celebrates 2 Years in Business! Infographic

  |   Art + Illustration, Viva Hoodzpah   |   1 Comment

Two years and 73 bottles of Champagne later, and we’ve lived to tell the tale: A infographic looking at how Hoodzpah has grown in two years since a set of blonde twin designers started this little bonanza.


AUTHOR - Amy Hood

Amy Hood is one half of the founding twin freak show that started Hoodzpah. When she is not racking in unsuspecting prey at the pool hall or spewing stats at bar patrons unlucky enough to have cast bad light on the name of Kobe Bryant, Amy is dreaming of motorcycles and classic cars, watching mind-rotting sci-fi television on Netflix, painting portraits of her misfit band of friends, and Instagramming the pants off the world. Don’t let her button nose or pocket-size fool you, that tattoo on her middle finger is real and it can only mean one thing…

  • http://www.chipperthings.com Becky

    Yay! So encouraged by this. You go girls.

    You deserve all of this success and the heaps to come.